This is a read only copy without any forum functionality of the old Modcraft forum.
If there is anything that you would like to have removed, message me on Discord via Kaev#5208.
Big thanks to Alastor for making this copy!


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Duplicate feature behavior

I added a new shortcut (ctrl + b) to noggit lately that duplicates the selected model.
Like ctrl + c and ctrl + v but in one step.
There are multiple posibillities to do the implementation and  I want to ask you how it should work.

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Noggit feature discussion board

The development of noggit has made big progress and the new QT version is getting better every day. Again at this point thanks to adspartan and schlumpf for the current active work on this. I also started doing some UI stuff and cleaned up the issues on bitbucket.

During this task some questions showed up and I had the idea to create a board where we can discuss this with the community. We will post questions about the behavior of features there from time to time and we hope to get many opinions from you about them. 

>> Noggit development discussions

It would be nice if you would activate notifications for this board if you are not online everyday on modcraft, so that you don't miss any questions. Also the questions will only be open for one week. We need to set a time limit so we can go on with development at some point and implement the discussed changes.

So we are really looking forward to your suggestions.

Greetings Steff.

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13 Mar 2017 - Amaroth youtube channel


Amaroth youtube channel

Welcome to our first scene news. In this series we will point out news and interesting stuff going on in the WoW modding scene. If you have ideas for this section please write me a pm.

Today I want to point out the youtube tutorial channel of our user Amaroth. He is Czech and has already done some tutorial videos in his native language in the past. Some weeks ago he started an English Only channel with videos related to WotLK modding.

Even if he is mainly focusing on WotLK you can also profit from the given information if you want to do WoD modding. He always gives a good overview about the technical basics and background and gives out nice tips. You find for example video series about noggit or the creation of WMO models there.

Every modder should have a look at his stuff and perhaps we will see also WoD content from him someday ... Who knows...  

From me a big thanks for his work with this and also his invested time as a contributor here on the board.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

>>> Visit Amaroth youtube channel

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09 Mar 2017 - Hello WoD section


Hello WoD section

WoW modding was stuck at WotLK for years but in the last month we got some new tools and people found out how to fix problems. Now WoD modding is fully possible and brings us all new fun and possibilities.

After the move of the board we started to think about a reorganization of the structure. We decided to split the creative boards like modeling or 2d art out and create 2 sections for WotLK and WoD modding to address this change. So please try in the future to post your question in the right section.

Beside this we added a board for Story and Lore where you can discuss about your story ideas or questline concepts for your project.

In the moment the new boards are created. We will move posts over time and clean the forum up.
DK is working on a tutorial series for WoD to give all a fast startup. It is still in progress but have a look at it.
Thanks again to him for his invested time in Modcraft.

There are already some servers that have switched to WoD and I also started some weeks ago, to move Maruum in this direction. Hope that this will bring again some new people in and old back to WoW modding.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

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05 Mar 2017 - Modcraft has a new home


It was a long way....

After many tests, fixing and optimization, work on the modcraft board has finally reached a new home. First of all I apologize for the long offline time. We moved the board to a new root server and also changed the board's software from phpbb to simple machines. The new software is much easier to update and expand with addons than the old one. During tests I updated it many times without problems.

Not everything is finished now. We will fix some styles and unfitting icons these coming days and see what useful features we can add to the system. If we are done we will ask you what you think is missing or where the usability needs fixing.

At this point I want to thank some people for helping in this task. First of all Cromon for offering the root and the domain Next is Luzifix for setting and speeding up the webserver software so that we don't have to wait too much for sites to load. And Kallar aka Mr. DK for testing and help with improving the new site.

Many things will change in the next days and if all is finished I hope the new board will help you all stay up to date in wow modding and to quickly find solutions to your problems.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

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