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05 Mar 2017 - Modcraft has a new home


It was a long way....

After many tests, fixing and optimization, work on the modcraft board has finally reached a new home. First of all I apologize for the long offline time. We moved the board to a new root server and also changed the board's software from phpbb to simple machines. The new software is much easier to update and expand with addons than the old one. During tests I updated it many times without problems.

Not everything is finished now. We will fix some styles and unfitting icons these coming days and see what useful features we can add to the system. If we are done we will ask you what you think is missing or where the usability needs fixing.

At this point I want to thank some people for helping in this task. First of all Cromon for offering the root and the domain Next is Luzifix for setting and speeding up the webserver software so that we don't have to wait too much for sites to load. And Kallar aka Mr. DK for testing and help with improving the new site.

Many things will change in the next days and if all is finished I hope the new board will help you all stay up to date in wow modding and to quickly find solutions to your problems.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

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