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09 Mar 2017 - Hello WoD section


Hello WoD section

WoW modding was stuck at WotLK for years but in the last month we got some new tools and people found out how to fix problems. Now WoD modding is fully possible and brings us all new fun and possibilities.

After the move of the board we started to think about a reorganization of the structure. We decided to split the creative boards like modeling or 2d art out and create 2 sections for WotLK and WoD modding to address this change. So please try in the future to post your question in the right section.

Beside this we added a board for Story and Lore where you can discuss about your story ideas or questline concepts for your project.

In the moment the new boards are created. We will move posts over time and clean the forum up.
DK is working on a tutorial series for WoD to give all a fast startup. It is still in progress but have a look at it.
Thanks again to him for his invested time in Modcraft.

There are already some servers that have switched to WoD and I also started some weeks ago, to move Maruum in this direction. Hope that this will bring again some new people in and old back to WoW modding.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

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