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13 Mar 2017 - Amaroth youtube channel


Amaroth youtube channel

Welcome to our first scene news. In this series we will point out news and interesting stuff going on in the WoW modding scene. If you have ideas for this section please write me a pm.

Today I want to point out the youtube tutorial channel of our user Amaroth. He is Czech and has already done some tutorial videos in his native language in the past. Some weeks ago he started an English Only channel with videos related to WotLK modding.

Even if he is mainly focusing on WotLK you can also profit from the given information if you want to do WoD modding. He always gives a good overview about the technical basics and background and gives out nice tips. You find for example video series about noggit or the creation of WMO models there.

Every modder should have a look at his stuff and perhaps we will see also WoD content from him someday ... Who knows...  

From me a big thanks for his work with this and also his invested time as a contributor here on the board.

Greetings from Steff and ... Happy modding!

>>> Visit Amaroth youtube channel

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