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Random / What happened to the website?
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:07:41 pm »

I am the only one seeing the webpage like this? Image attached. If this is a bug how do I fix it? I cant edit posts because of it :/



The MEMEMIZER is a powerful 2GBs modification that replaces over 2000 sounds for humorous ones from other games, films, videos, etc.
Its been in development since 2016 and it is being constantly improved and updated.
It is NOT BANNABLE, free, bug-free, ad-free, virus-free and ez to install, downloadable from my Gdrive.

Last update: 1st January 2021
Next update: In a couple of months


NPC Replies
NPCs will greet and farewell you with a flavourish quote
Wacky attack and wound emotes when fighting
Spell Sounds
Your spells will make a sweet cartoonish magic sound
Beautiful music from other games and films that fits the theme
More immersive, louder and detailed ambient noises
Improved Sounds
Check out the super-high-quality rain sound, with added thunder!
World Noises
Machines, vehicles, lampposts, footsteps...
Weapon Impacts
Hits & crits of all weapons
Interface Sounds
Buttons, clicks, windows, items...
Character Emotes
Try emotes: joke, flirt, charge, greet, cheer...
Other Stuff
Music in subway, radio in goblin huts, underwater music...


The Game of Thrones theme plays in Arathi Highlands
Nobbel's greeting when you click on a human NPC
"This is gonna be legen-wait for it-dary!" When you cast a mage spell
"How do you kill, that which has no life?" When you /silly on human
"Heavy machine gun" When you unsheath a metal weapon
"More DOTs, more DOTs" When you cast Shadow Word of Pain
Stormwind's music tracks replaced with piano versions of WarCraft II tracks by Rinerion
"LEEROOOY...!" When a warrior charges
"Thrall's balls!" When you crit an orc you will hear that orc's quote from WarCraft III
"You're a wizard, Harry" Hagrid's quote from 'Harry Potter' when you pick up a wand
Asmongold's speech about classic servers when you click on Archbishop Benedictus
"Arcanite Reaper Hoo...!" When a warrior swings weapon
"Where is my supersuit?" Frozone's quote from 'The Incredibles' when you pick up a piece of chain armor
"Let it go, let it go..." When a human female /goodbyes
"I just went gay all of a sudden!" When a human male /kiss
The 'A Friend Like Me' song from 'Aladdin' can play when you summon a Voidwalker
"Mamma mia thats a spicy meatball" Npc dwarf reply
"Ima firin' ma' lazor" When a heavy fire spell is being casted
"Deez Nuts" when you kill a squirrel
...and many more...

Click on the big shiny title to download
Unzip the downloaded "CLASSIC MEMEMIZER.rar"
Drop the folder "SOUND" into your WoW installation folder in the program files
Adjust the volume of sound effects in-game, caution: very spammy in dungeons


It consists of a folder structure that imitates the original file path for the sounds.
The game prioritizes user-created files over the original ones and plays them instead.
It is a feature made by Blizzard themselves, therefore, you won't get banned for it.
You do not need a backup of the original files, since you don't replace them.
To remove the mod just delete or rename the folder "SOUND".

Write me an email if you have any questions or suggestions


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