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Author Topic: WoD Modding: Custom NPC & Custom Weapon  (Read 3729 times)


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WoD Modding: Custom NPC & Custom Weapon
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:48:53 am »
I will share with you the things i learned during my WoD Modding period.

Hello guys, I don't like to do some introduction so will will be going into it right now !

(I'm french so there might be some  mistakes in my spelling).

Tools to do things faster:

- 010 Editor v5+ for my scripts to work ( The scripts that fix animations is from Alastor.!OUQz2Cya!I1XLE9iOlDgh2VjzRqIddu2NktyAObZyz2lrkVGM7jE )

All the basic templates like M2Template and SkinTemplate etc...

- MyDBCEditor

- CascExplore (off course !)

- Your Compiled Wod Server with a working database.

- HeidiSQL or another software to edit your Database.

- A cracked launcher that load your root folders like DBFilesClient.

I - Adding Custom Legion NPC to DB and Creating Them

So, open your Cascexplorer and find your creature from legion that you want ! Good. Now open the folder and drag you "Creature" folder to your WoD Root and go inside it then. Now open your m2 file with 010 Editor and use the script LegiontoWod. It will automatically suppress the MD21 format and version from 12 to 10 for WoD compatibility. Use the M2Template on it and run the Script03 from Alastor to fix some possible issues on the animation (it puts all playbackspeed to 150). You can save and close your m2.

For those that couldn't get a full 010 Editor 5+ or just used their 30 free days on it you can do that in previous version of 010 by deleting all the Bytes before "MD20" and overwriting "12" to "10" on the first line.

Now the go to your DBFilesClient and search for "Filedata", CreatureModelData" and "CreatureDisplayInfo" don't forget to make a backup of the files you are editing just in case !

Open your Filedata.dbc and add a new line to the end (remember the ID that will be shown in hexa !) in the second column write the name of your creature m2 file (example: warden.m2), in the third one just write the access path (example: Creature\warden\) DON'T FORGET THE BACKSLASH AT THE END. Just save.

Open CreatureModelData.dbc and add a new line by copying one line and write an big entry like 1000000. Use Wowdev to see if you have everything good. In the third column write the entryid of your mod (el in "Filedata"

Open CreatureDisplayInfo.db2, yes an awful db2 file ! But ! You can edit it with what i learned from all the forums ! drag the file to 010 Editor and use my script CreatureDisplayInfoDB2TODBC to convert it and save, now you can open it and add a new line. Don't make the entryid at the end of the file (for me it doesn't work right in game) find a vacant place in previous id order and make a new one, put the creaturemodeldata id (1000000 for example) in the second column and in the 8 to 10 column you can now write your blp access as a string (or maybe only two for 6.2.3). Write their name without the ".Blp" at the end. Use Wowdev as well to check if everything's cool. Save and now go to 010 reload the file and use the script version DBCTODB2 and save.

For previous version of 010, you have to delete the Bytes starting from pos 20 to pos 47 included (14h to 2Fh included).and you have to copy those bytes and after modifying the db2 file, you reload it in 010 and go to edit -> insert/Overwrite -> insert Bytes. Choose start from 14 and add 30 in hex. now you can paste the previous bytes at offset 14h and save.

To make them unique NPC usable without the morph command, use the general tutorials using creature_Model_Info and creature_template. You can find tutorials on trinity website.

II - Adding and blacksmith items from legion

The process is quite similar to the creature. Just get your weapon and drag the item folder to your wow root and repeat the process from creature with the m2 file until the dbc editing.

Find "Filedata", "TextureFileData" and "ItemDisplayInfo"

In Filedata add a new line and remember the entry ID and write the name of your blp this time like: "sword_2h_artifactashringer_d_01_red.blp" and in the last column the path: "item\objectcomponents\weapon\"

Now open TextureFileData with 010 Editor and  edit it like creature display info but manually without the script like explained in the first part of the tutorial. Open your file with you dbceditor and add a line not at the end but prior. Found a place and add your id that follow the order. in the column 2 write your custom texture id that followsthe order and use wowdev for a better knowledge of what you're doing. In column 3 write the number that refers to what items you are adding. In the last one just put the filedata entryid of your texture. Save and convert it back to db2 with the manual 010 edit from the first part.

Open Itemdisplayinfo and add a new line. In column 2 write your weapon m2 name "sword_2h_artifactashbringer_d_01.m2" and then following wowdev information, you write the ID of your texture id from TextureFileData. Save and you're done with the pre-blacksmithing.

To blacksmith the item IG follow the trinity wiki for the database of your server to create the new entry using thos new ids.

So this tut was made by me on Model-changing way before the WDBX tool was made when we WoD modder could only use really stone age skills to edit db2 from WoD, so now, just use WDBX EDITOR to edit the database, don't go through the long struggle of 010 editing to decrypt them. But i will let this tutorial like it is, maybe it will entertain some of you to learn how it was made back then.
If you have questions, i'll try to answer you, but i Mod only creatures models and weapons models