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Author Topic: 02: Basic setup  (Read 3201 times)

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02: Basic setup
« on: March 08, 2017, 02:17:37 am »

Hello and welcome again to our second part of the tutorial series. This time we will focus on setting up your work environment.
I prepared a small folder structure to make things a bit more easy:

WoD Folder Structure

Copying your files
Download and copy to somewhere on your computer. For example C:\
From here take the following simple steps:

  • Copy the content of your WoW client to: "WoDModding\Clients\6.2.4\"
  • Copy your tools to: "WoDModding\Tools\"

Extracting the Files
Now we will extract the client files. Note that this will only work if your client is a full download.
In order to achieve this open your CASC Explorer in the tools section.
Go to File and choose Open Storage...
Browse to your client folder and select it. The explorer will automatically open the CASC storage and display all files.
Select all the folders within the display and right click extract. Now select the following folder: "WoDModding\ClientFiles\".
Wait for the process to finish. You can continue reading while the program is running.

About CASC and the explorer
One benefit of the new CASC system is that it's unlikely to break your client. Unlike MPQ where you can modify the base data of the game.
In WoD modding the explorer is used to extract the base files so we can use it. Whenever you break one of your extracted files you can simply reextract.

Other tools
I will feature other tools as we use them in further steps of the tutorial. But feel free to take a look at the tools section where you can find a lot of different tools to use.

That's it for this part, the next tutorial is about how to setup the a WoD Server.

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