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Author Topic: Need advice and possibly recruiting developers for a bottom up server.  (Read 32 times)


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So before I start with my questions and an outline of my goals let me preface by saying that I have limited personal modding experience but I have a vision outlined on paper complete with sketches and written ideas and quite a bit of a money I'm willing spend on this.

Server Goal #1: I want to replace the 3 continents in WoW WotLK with one large continent. 16 faction zones, 8 for each faction to level in. 1 contested zone for world pvp and 1 zone that is essentially Wintergrasp. The factions fight for control of that zone and it gives bonuses and unlocks perks etc.

Q2: How labor intensive would that portion of the project be?

Q3: How much realistically would it cost to outsource that?

Server Goal #2: I want to have a level system that allows characters to level to level 250 but I want stats to stop gaining bonuses and talent points to stop accruing at level 60. Every level after 60 will be the same amount of experience and each level gained gives a chest with random items in it.

Q1: Is it possible to have a loot box be awarded for every level after 60 as well as a specific currency to be used to buy advanced bonuses.

Q2: Is it possible to gain levels without stats getting a bonus added to them or talent points being gained.

Q2: Is it possible to change the xp chart so that each level 61 through 250 are all the same amount of xp required to level?

Server Goal #3: I want to change the name of the Horde faction and make swap around races that are playable for each of the two player factions.

Q1: Is it possible to remove the horde faction and allow Orcs to be a playable race for Alliance and Humans for the "horde" faction.

Q2: Is it possible to replace the green skin playable Orcs with the brown skinned Orcs from later editions of the game so that the green skins can be used as evil NPC Orcs only.

Server Goal #4: I want to make new classes, I understand there are tutorials for such things and I'm mostly just adding this as part of my server planning because I have questions that I'm not sure have been addressed in the tutorials.

Q1: I want to created a fourth talent tree that unlocks at level 60 instead of level 10 and has custom talents that you can use your advanced mastery points to purchase, how difficult would that be to implement?

Q2: Would it be more efficient to have a currency that can be used at an NPC to purchase bonuses and "mastery abilities"?

Server Goal #5: I understand that a new map would require new dungeons.

Q1: Is it possible to build completely new instances, I don't think I would mind using instance maps and assets so much as long as they were mostly new content minus the maps, how difficult would that be implement.

Q2: Is there a way to make a raid 5 man and 10 man instead of 10 and 25?

I've got more questions but these will do for now. Thank you for your help and consideration.  I look forward to reading your replies.