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Author Topic: [Project] WoW Reforged  (Read 2497 times)


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[Project] WoW Reforged
« on: August 02, 2019, 02:16:11 pm »
WoW Reforged is going to be a highly modded server built around the idea to combine the vibes of WC3 and early WoW with features new to the game but known to old school gaming. We are tracing back the history of WoW's development to a point of inspiration, where ideas weren't accepted or denied by demand or business factors we are free from. From those basis will we begin to build up our own WoW, staying true to the old experience but refusing the path the game later took. Our aim is to surpass mere classic nostalgia and awaken a new creative momentum in World of Warcraft, leading it down on a new path, worthy of its origins we all loved.

We have a lot of ideas planned, and we want them to be implemented gradually via weekly patches, so that the game will be playable even from the earliest stages.
If interested, check out our plans here:

What we have so far
- A running server with weekly updates
- Website, custom launcher, client patch
- The 10 level progression system (everything scales between lvl 1-10)
Some of our plans for the near future
- Reworking dungeon loot tables, mainly for lower level dungeons
- Balancing class talents, with focus on the least used talent trees
- Adding a lot of new recipes for lower levels to improve professions
- 'Spirit of Survival' update (decreasing spirit, going more survival)
Some of our plans for the far future
- Adding a lot of new quests for zones neglected in Vanilla
- Creating class professions and bringing back spell school skills
- Finishing half-done zones like Hyjal, Forgotten Crypts, Azshara Battleground, etc.
- Reworking Outland as we saw it in Warcraft III

You can read more about our server progression timeline here:
Or find our server's changelog here:
Our server is up and running, and we are looking for testers and developers of all kind to succeed in our great effort.
To connect simply open this link, and follow the instructions:
As for developers, drop us an email:
Our website:


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Re: [Project] WoW Reforged
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2019, 07:28:44 pm »
Reforging in progress, check out the newest changes on our website:
We also decided to set up a discord server. See you there!